IQS (In-Quality Staffing)

Achieve proper staffing levels across your entire organization.

Benchmarking, productivity standards, and resource denominated measures are of limited use to managers attempting to understand where and what to change.  For example, productivity measures such as midnight census or worked hours per adjusted patient day do not provide an adequate picture of what happens on a nursing floor during the day. In contrast, IQS uses a quality-based approach to helping managers understand how to improve staffing on an hour-by-hour basis.

Optimal staffing is essential in order to provide optimal patient care

Examining data on an hour-by-hour basis provides the granularity to see where demand for services exceeds or does not match allocated resources.  IQS includes not only defining the upper level of quality but also defining the lower limit, which denotes the point at which labor resource is wasted. For example, nurses will frequently define quality care as having no more than six patients per nurse but no less than three patients.  IQS helps you quickly and easily identify where you are over and understaffed so you can eliminate waste and ensure quality and efficiency.

IQS (In-Quality Staffing) helps your organization achieve:

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