Providing superior direction for your organization’s goals.

Every organization can benefit from tools that enable them to stay on course.  And just like using GPS on your phone to navigate to a new location, CBATools’ GPS system helps your hospital navigate its way to margin improvement success.  GPS offers a critical positioning tool for attaining the target operating margin necessary to support your hospital’s mission.  Working on several goal levels, GPS makes strategizing more simple than ever by organizing your hospital’s high level strategies and tracking completion of specific goals and tasks.

Set your goals, plan faster, and accomplish more.

Goal setting, and aligning and tracking those goals through actions and results are critical to greater business execution…and, as a result, greater success.  Save time by tracking your goals, strategies, and tasks all in one convenient place.  GPS is a valuable tool to organize goals and hold people accountable for achieving those goals in support of the company’s strategic plan.  Because our tools are cloud-based, you’ll view all entered data in real time and all terminology can be customized to fit your organization’s needs.

GPS makes your data accessible, visual, interpretable, and most importantly, profitable

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